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Wall Beds: Maximize Space In Your Home

January 23, 2017

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There comes a time each year when you desperately wish you had more room for guests. Bigger families come to visit and you feel like your home is wall-to-wall people. You get up for a glass of water at night and trip over children sleeping on your living room floor. There is a simple solution to this problem, and you might never have thought of it before. Wall beds offer the space-saving convenience you need, with comfort that will help your guests (or even you) sleep peacefully all night long.

What Are Wall Beds?

If you have never heard of a wall bed, also known as a “Murphy bed,” you do not know what you are missing. A Murphy bed is a complete bed that is installed onto the wall, often inside a cabinet. The mattress is comfortable, and fits traditional sizes for sheets and comforters. You open the cabinet and pull down the bed, using a spring action that is designed to make opening and closing very quick and easy. You do not have to worry about throwing your back out trying to get the bed down or putting it away. The best part is that they are also very stylish. Recent innovations in wall beds make them a very hip and practical way to instantly create more space in your home, without sacrificing the bedroom privacy you need. While they are ideal for smaller homes, Murphy beds can be built to suit any space, large or small.

Different Types of Wall Beds

Since people have specific reasons to use wall beds, there are a variety of wall bed styles to accommodate your unique needs and expectations. Murphy beds can be built for different mattress sizes, with headboards that provide extra storage as needed.

Library Murphy Beds: 

OH_617.jpgDo you wish you had room to have a library in your guest bedroom? The Library Murphy Bed is an excellent option. When closed, the bed provides ample shelf storage. The shelves slide apart to reveal pillow boxes and the bed, which can be pulled down almost effortlessly. When you are done, you simply put the pillows back in the box, fold up the bed, and slide the shelves together again. It is perfect for college students or anyone who loves to read before they go to sleep.

Flip-Up Desk Murphy Beds: 

Wall beds can offer additional functionality beyond extra space in the room, and the Flip-Up Desk Murphy Bed is a classic example. A flip-up desk sits on legs that drop down when the desk is lifted open from the bed cabinet. The desk spans almost the full width of the bed, which provides significant desk space for your laptop, papers and books as needed. Close the desk and open the bed for an easy transition between your home office and a guest room.

Bi-Fold Murphy Beds: 

OH_521-1.jpgSome homeowners prefer a simple Murphy bed for their needs. The Bi-Fold Murphy Bed takes up minimal space, which makes it ideal for the smallest bedrooms. The cabinet doors fold out on either side to allow you to bring down the bed. To close the cabinet, simply fold the bed up and shut the doors. When closed, it is a discreet and relatively compact piece of furniture.

Cabinet Beds: 

If you think that Murphy beds have to take up a huge amount of wall space, you have not seen the beautiful genius that is the Cabinet Bed. It takes up much less room, which makes it a great choice for an additional bed in your living room, basement or other room with limited wall space. A fold-out drawer provides support for a memory foam mattress and room for pillows when not in use. The mattress folds into thirds to protect the mattress and to minimize the room it occupies while collapsed. Since the cabinet is only about waist-height, you can use the top for displaying decorations or pictures, or even to hold a flat screen television.

Many wall beds come with different options for colors and stains, with custom cabinetry built to your specifications. You can get Murphy beds that will perfectly suit the décor in your Denver home.

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Benefits of Wall Beds

A lot of people have a guest room that is basically a dead zone in the house. There is space for a bed and a couple of bedside tables, lighting and a closet. That is over 100 square feet in your home that you are not using, that you could be enjoying every single day. With wall beds, you can quickly turn your guest bedroom into a multi-purpose room that helps you stay organized and lead a happier life at home. Now you can have that home office or entertainment room, and still have plenty of space for guests when they arrive.

Murphy beds are so useful and practical that you may decide you want them for every bedroom in the house. Think about your kids, and the way their toys and play areas hog your living room, family room and den. Don’t you long for enough bedroom space to keep their toys at bay? Wall beds in kids’ bedrooms are the answer. These beds can come in twin sizes to accommodate smaller bodies. With the spring action of the bed, your children will be able to easily transition from sleep to play and back again, in no time at all. The best part is that they will be encouraged to keep the space tidier so they have more room to play.

A wall bed may possibly be the most versatile piece of furniture you will ever own. Never has it been so simple or convenient to keep bedrooms for family members or guests without having to sacrifice the space you need to live your life. If you are considering adding Murphy beds to your Denver home, contact us today to learn more.

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