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Top Storage Solutions For Your Colorado Closet

November 08, 2016

Top storage solutions for your colorado closet

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When you decide to improve the organization of your closet, there are two things you must have. The first is good closet storage options, with hanging rods, shelving and drawers. The second is efficient ways to put your clothes away. Although there are tons of options you can consider, there are many ideas to help you reduce clutter and make more space in your closet. Try these storage solutions for your Colorado closet and see which ones work best for you.

Shoe Organization

shoe organizationIf there is any aspect of closet storage that has nearly unlimited choices, it is shoe organization. When you have a lot of shoes and not a lot of space, you might consider installing crown molding to easily and quickly hang heels on the wall. Hang boots on pants hangers with adjustable clips to prevent the legs from folding over and getting damaged. With Colorado weather, your closet needs to be changed from season to season. In regards to your shoes, these changes range from simple flats and sandals in the summer, to a wide variety of boot options in winter. If you rely on shelves to keep your shoes, invest in adjustable shelving so that you can change the height of the shelves to maximize space in summer and accommodate your boots in winter.

Folding How-To’s

Unless you just moved out of the house for the first time, you know that the folding secrets you learned as a kid may not work as well in a different storage space. These tips will help you find the folding approach that will be ideal for your existing closets:

Create a Folding Station: Folding clothes may be one of the most despised aspects of laundry, but you can make it less painful and difficult. Set up a folding station that allows you to sit comfortably or stand without hunching over. An ironing board or workspace in your laundry room is best for comfort and efficiency. Add a basket that is easy to transport the folded clothes to the right room.

Fold for Efficiency and Easy Visibility: You know the frustration of reaching into a stack of sweaters, only to watch the pile topple over and become unfolded. Just because it is easier to put these items on a shelf or drawer does not mean they have to be disorganized or difficult to locate. Fold your clothes so that each item is visible from where you are standing, and you will not struggle to find what you need or keep the space neat.

Drawers: You would be surprised how much you can keep in your drawers if you folded items and place them vertically, so you can see every item in the drawer when you open it. Fold your socks in half, then in half again. Roll pantyhose and stocking from feet to waistband to protect them. The approach works for shirts, jeans and even bulky items like sweaters and winter scarves. The best part is that you will find a lot more room in your drawers when you fold your clothing this way.

209.jpgLinen Storage: The folding method you currently use works well, until you get a linen closet with different shelf sizes. Shelves that are not very deep or wide force you to reconsider how you fold your towels. For shallow shelving, consider turning in the edges of your towels as you fold, so that the towels do not hang over or fall off. Now you can master the veritable Mt. Everest of folding, the fitted sheet. The trick is to tuck the corners inside each other, moving from corner to corner in a circular fashion. This folds the sheet to a quarter of its original size, which you can lay flat and fold to whatever size you prefer. Slip the flat sheet, fitted sheet and extra pillowcases inside one matching pillowcase, to keep the set together and minimize dust accumulation.

Hanging Secrets

Practically every closet has a hanging rod. You might have two, or even three of them. Here are a few ways to solve common hanging problems in you Colorado closet:

Hanging Rod is Too Crowded: Many people have too many things hanging on their rods. If this describes your situation, you may choose to make the hanging more efficient. Purchase double-hangers to put suits and coordinated outfits on one hanger, to increase room on the hanging rod and keep your clothes together. Utilize a circle hanger to organize a variety of items that would take up a lot of space otherwise, such as scarves or bags.

Not Enough Shelf Space: You might have the opposite problem, which is that you have plenty of room on the hanging rods and not enough storage otherwise. Never fear, for you can hang almost anything. Slide over your dresses and suits, and make room for pants, blouses, belts, ties and backpacks. You can even create hanging storage for shoes and sweaters.

Purse and Clutch Storage

The way you keep your bags depends on two things: how many you have, and how protected you want them to be. Purses, made of delicate suede or fine leather that is soft as butter, may need to be displayed on a shelf, so your other bags do not scratch them. You could even make it a design feature of your closet. For the small clutches or purses that can easily survive a little contact, you can designate a drawer or an open bin to hold them. Putting them together makes them easy to find and less likely to get lost under the bed.

These storage tips make improving your closet a sure bet, helping you maximize space for winter gear, minimize the amount of time you spend folding and cleaning, and keep the whole area tidy. Are you ready to learn more about custom closet organization solutions for your Colorado closet? Contact us today for a free quote!

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