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Top Custom Closet System Accessories You Need

March 09, 2017


How often do you open the doors of your closet? You'd probably be surprised at the number if you took the time to count. From storing items to everyday dressing, your closet is one of the most used storage items in your home.

Now think about how you use your closet, how functional it is and how you could make improvements to its design if you could. Wouldn't it be great if you could organize your clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and laundered items neatly, efficiently and conveniently, and all in a closet space that is designed just for you?

Custom closets give you the freedom to design your closet your way, and to experience the utmost in luxury and convenience every single time you open your closet door. Custom closet system accessories can make your closet a haven of organization and make your morning routine easier. Let's take a look at some of those accessories and what a difference they could make to the way you use your closet space.

Wardrobe Rods

closetsystemwardroberod.jpgWardrobe rods and rails allow you to organize and display your clothes in the most convenient, accessible and also eye-catching way possible. Organize daywear and eveningwear, or arrange your clothing and accessories by color. Wardrobe rods are an essential item in any custom wardrobe and can be customized in any length to suit your needs.

Premier Belt of Tie Rack

Belts and ties can be difficult to store. A premier belt or tie rack solves the problem by offering you plenty of space for belts, ties and scarves, and it pivots 90 degrees for easy storage and access. When time is tight on workday mornings, you'll always have your accessories close at hand.

Closet System Storage Basket

Keep your closet clutter free by adding a closet storage basket. Not only do these catch-all accessories add extra storage, but they are also great for storing any item of clothing, such as folded jumpers, clutch bags and purses, gloves and any other item you would like to store in your closet.

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Pant Rack

Pants can be a challenge to store. They fall off hangers, get wrinkled easily if not hung correctly, and can be hard to find among other clothes. Adding a slide-out pant rack to your custom closet will ensure your pants stay neatly organized, wrinkle free and ready to wear.

Shoe Fence

Say goodbye to lost shoes and hopping around on one foot in the mornings! By adding a shoe fence to your closet, you'll have every pair neatly arranged and easily accessible. The shoe rack elevates your footwear, keeps shoes angled and makes daily footwear decisions a breeze.

Shoe fence.jpg

Hidden Mirror

A full-length mirror is perfect for checking your appearance before heading out of the door, but a large mirror does take up a lot of valuable space. If you don't have room for a freestanding full-length mirror, add a hidden or handy mirror panel to your closet design.

Tie Tree

Keep your tie collection in pristine condition, wrinkle free and within easy reach by adding a versatile tie tree to your closet design. As a tie tree is able to hold up to eight ties, you can add as many tie trees as you need. Arrange by style, color or occasion. A tie tree keeps everything organized and where you need it to be.

Accessory Hangers

Accessory Hanger.jpgIn addition to our premium belt and tie racks, we also offer accessory hangers for your closet system. Accessory hangers give you the ideal storage option for scarves, belts, ties and jewelry items. These items can be difficult to store in one place and can end up tangled and damaged if stored in the wrong place. Accessory hangers solve this problem perfectly and offer four hooks for organizing your accessories.

Tiered Valet

Whether you have just picked up your dry cleaned items or you need somewhere to store freshly laundered clothes, a tiered valet hook is the perfect accessory to include as part of your closet design, and is ideal for closets and laundry rooms. A tiered valet is also perfect for hanging an entire outfit you plan to wear later and will keep everything organized where you need it for when you need it. 

With a custom closet system from Colorado Storage Solutions, you are in complete control of your closet space and storage. Whether you would like a traditional closet or have your heart set on a fully fitted dressing room, our designers will work closely with you to design the storage space of your dreams.

We turn everyday storage into something very special, and we'll show you ways you can make the most of the space you have available in ways you never thought possible. It all comes down to our know-how, our years of experience and our innovative approach to solving the storage problems of our customers. Contact us today for a free design consultation and discover our luxury storage options for yourself!

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