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The Ultimate Garage Cabinet Cheat Sheet

September 19, 2016


Think about how you feel when you spend time in the garage. Whether you’re working on your car, completing a carpentry project or sifting through gardening supplies, it’s clear the garage is a utilitarian space. You need to keep this room organized to get the most out of it.

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How to Design Your Custom Closet for Your Colorado Home

September 05, 2016


The truth about storage is that no two people have identical needs. With this fact in mind, it should make perfect sense that your custom closet must take your interests, hobbies and your unique possessions into consideration. With the change of seasons, you are given an excellent opportunity to kick your closet into gear with an awesome closet system that keeps you organized and helps you battle the Colorado winter’s chill.

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Great Under the Stairs Storage Idea!

August 23, 2016

under the stairs storage.png Image sourced from http://www.desiretoinspire.net/blog/2007/4/25/stairs-and-storage.html

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Garage Floor Coating: How To Apply Epoxy Paint

August 17, 2016


When you look at pictures of a completely organized garage, you often see a different kind of flooring. This is usually epoxy floor coating, which makes a garage safer, easier to clean and professional-looking. If you want to apply epoxy paint to your garage floor and you are thinking of doing it yourself, read these instructions to determine if it is a job you can complete safely and reasonably on your own.

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5 Pantry Organization Tips for Summer

August 01, 2016


You still have some time left in the summer to get your pantry in order before school starts and you are back to packing lunches every morning. Follow these five pantry organization tips to simplify your whole day right away.

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3 Garage Cabinet Painting Tips

July 18, 2016

garage cabinets

The colors you would like to choose for your garage storage cabinets may change over time. You start out with something bold and decide later that you would like something a little more understated, or vice versa. Whatever you want, you can probably make it happen. Just follow these garage cabinet painting tips to ensure that your cabinets remain in good shape and continue to look as good as they did when you bought them.

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5 Benefits of a Custom Reach-In Closet

July 05, 2016

custom reach-in closet design

When you think of custom closets, images of grand walk-in spaces large enough to house an island in the middle probably come to mind. While it’s certainly possible (and worthwhile) to customize a walk-in closet, what if your home’s layout simply can’t accommodate one? Is it still worthwhile to invest in a custom reach-in closet?

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Top 3 Murphy Bed Styles for Your Denver Home

June 20, 2016

Denver Murphy bed styles to choose fromAre you in search of space-saving solutions for your Denver home? Whether you want the ability to accommodate guests from out of town or you simply want your child to have more space to play in his bedroom, a Murphy bed could be the answer you’re looking for. Learn more about this unique space saver along with the top three Murphy bed styles you should consider installing in your Denver home.

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5 Secrets to Organizing Your Garage on a Budget

June 02, 2016

Garage organized on a budget

Everybody deserves to have great garage storage. However, sometimes the cost of garage storage systems makes homeowners think they cannot get effective garage organization on a budget. With these tips and a much smaller investment, you can still make your garage tidy, easy to use and attractive.

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5 Benefits of Garage Floor Coating

May 17, 2016

Garage floor coating on Colorado garage

Do you wish the garage was an inviting place where you spent time enjoying some of your favorite hobbies? One way to make your garage feel more like the rest of your home is to install a floor coating. Coatings come in many varieties, including:

  • Roll-out mats: This easy-to-install option may seem like a winner, but after a short time in use, you may find it’s prone to staining, puncturing, and expanding and contracting with seasonal temperature changes. Roll-out mats are a good temporary garage floor coating, but they’re not the ideal permanent solution.
  • Plastic floor tiles: Whether you choose flexible or rigid floor tiles, the ability to create a unique pattern on the garage floor is a definite advantage to this type of coating. You can also swap out damaged tiles for new ones to help keep repair costs down. However, as with roll-out mats, tiles are prone to staining and temperature-induced expansion and contraction. Mold can also start to grow beneath the tiles if moisture makes its way through the cracks.
  • DIY epoxy flooring: Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of epoxy garage floor coating and you want to save some money with a DIY kit. However, unless you’re an experienced installer, mixing and applying the two-part formula can be tricky. One mistake and the floor could look all wrong.
  • Professional garage floor epoxy:If you’re not willing to experiment on your garage floor with DIY epoxy, leave the installation to a qualified professional. The technicians who come to your home will complete every part of the installation – from prepping the garage floor to applying each layer of the epoxy coating – to ensure your complete satisfaction with the end product.

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