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Garage Inspirations: Garage Cabinet Cleaning and Organization Tips

February 20, 2017


If you’re having trouble getting the clutter in your garage under control, it’s time to focus on organizing this area of your house. The easiest way to do this is to invest in garage storage solutions that will serve you well for years. Here’s how to use garage cabinets and other storage options to make your garage look and feel clean and organized.

Take a Deep Breath and Dive In

The first step of the garage organization process is taking note of what you have in the garage. Once you look closely at everything you’re storing in this part of your home, you’ll likely find some items you either want to get rid of or move to another area of the house. This is good, because the process will go faster once you eliminate some of the clutter before you even start organizing.

At this point, you can make a list of the items you no longer need, whether you plan to throw them away, give them away or want to sell them. If there’s a lot to get rid of, you might need to schedule a whole day to go through the process of organizing your garage. So instead of spending a weekday night doing a quick cleanup that’s not thorough enough to determine the garage storage solutions you need, schedule a weekend to start sorting and purging.

Sort Items Into Sections

As you go through everything in your garage, you’ll likely discover that you have different plans for each item in that space. Now that you have a list of what you no longer want or need, divide it into different sections so you have a record of what you plan to sell, give away or simply throw away. If you’re throwing away an item that’s considered hazardous, make a note on your list that you need to properly dispose of it rather than just throw it in the trash or recycling bin.

You should then make a list of everything in your garage that you wish to keep. You can sort that list into sections depending on if you want to move the items from the garage or keep them there. If you plan to move them somewhere else, make a note of where you’re going to store them so you know exactly where to head with them, moving the process along a little faster.

Invest in Garage Storage

340.jpgNow that you know what you’re going to keep, it’s time to organize it properly. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this because there are plenty of garage systems for you to use. You should choose your solution based on what you need to store and how much space you have for it. For example, overhead storage is great for smaller garages, or for people with a lot of things to store; it suits everything from camping gear to storage bins filled with holiday decorations.

Another great option for garage organization is wall-mounted storage. This could include garage shelves or cabinets that are attached to the walls, and is ideal for storing boxes, bins, coolers, sports gear and more. Anything you want to keep organized and well-preserved should be stored within these types of garage storage systems.

Garage Cabinets:

In particular, garage cabinets are popular because they can hide your items, making your whole garage look neat and organized rather than full or cluttered. This is perfect if you have lots of small things to store, such as paint or car washing supplies. And if you have any items that you don’t want just anyone to have access to, you can get locked garage wall cabinets. Another option is off-the-floor cabinets, which are lifted enough to keep pests out of your things. These and other types of garage cabinets can protect and organize anything you wish to store in your garage.

Keep Active Gear in the Front of Your Garage

You’ll especially appreciate having a clean, organized garage when you want to use an item that you store in it. A common example is active gear. If you plan to use it often, it’s helpful to store it in the front of your garage so it’s easily accessible.

344.jpgThis way, you won’t have to delay your bike ride because you can’t get your bike out of the garage very easily. Similarly, you won’t miss your tee time because your golf bag is buried behind boxes that are not anywhere near the entrance of your garage. So while you organize, keep in mind which items you use often and need to access quickly, and then put them by the door.

Cleaning out the garage is a chore many people put off for years. But once you break it down using these tips, it should be a goal that you can easily accomplish in a weekend. And when you use the right garage storage solutions, you can keep it looking its best for years. If you’re interested in this option, contact us today for a free quote so we can help you get your garage organized as soon as possible.

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