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Garage Cabinets: 4 Steps To Finding A Garage Storage System

December 27, 2016


Winter is the time of year that you start to really wish you had a garage storage system that works for you. A few weeks sloshing snow and dirt on boxes and bags in your garage is enough to make you realize that the time is now. You might be surprised how much garage cabinets could help you keep a tidier garage. Follow these four steps to identify the garage storage system that is perfect for your home.

Step 1: Assess Your Space and Organizational Needs

Most homeowners could probably tell you how many boxes their garages will hold, stacked in every possible corner. If you want to wake up from this garage storage nightmare, you need to get a sense for what you have in space and storage obligations.

  • Measure the Space: Take some rough measurements of the garage, starting with the footprint of the floor. Write down dimensions of the walls, and the position of doors, outlets, appliances or other permanent equipment. At the same time, measure your car and determine how much space you need to be able to park one or two cars in the garage. With the right storage, you can make this dream come true.
  • Sort Belongings and Eliminate Clutter: Garages can become a catchall for clutter in the home, especially garbage and items that came from the car. Take this opportunity to get rid of it for good. Sort everything in the garage and get rid of anything you deem unnecessary. Leave the remaining items in the garage, so you can start to figure out where to put them.


  • Organize Items by Type: There are many different ways to keep your items organized, but there is really only one rule you must follow: Keep it all together. No one is going to criticize you for storing your Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations in the same bin, so long as you keep the items for each holiday together. Do the same with the rest of your tools, gadgets, toys and equipment in the garage.
  • List Your Storage Needs: With everything organized by type, you need to start looking at the kind of storage you might need. This is your last opportunity to change your mind about what you want to store in the garage. You may look at all of your winter gear and realize that you do not have enough room for it, plus all of your home improvement tools. Finalize your list, and remove anything that did not make the cut.
  • Estimate Space: When the garage is completely empty, it looks much larger than it would with all your items back inside it. The key is to see how your belongings look in the garage, and estimate the space you will need for each storage category. Be sure to consider height, width and depth for any larger or inflexible items. This way, you can confirm that your plans for garage wall cabinets will actually fit the equipment you have to store.

Step 2: Consider Garage Cabinet Types

344.jpgGarage storage cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your garage and your plans for the garage, you might need many different sizes. Break up your storage list by size, especially the things you want to put in cabinets. Small items are best placed in smaller cabinets with drawers. Drawer dividers help to keep small parts, such as bolts or nails, separate from each other. Larger items, or things that are oddly sized, need cabinets with more open space. Designate tall cabinets for ladders, yard tools and skis. Use wide or deep cabinets, with built-in hooks or racks, to store your winter snow clothes and your ski boots.

Step 3: Determine Your Budget

Garage storage systems can vary quite widely in price, and your budget limitations may restrict what is accessible to you. The amount you pay depends largely on the type of storage, with a greater average expense for drawers instead of open garage wall shelves, or for cabinets instead of hooks. You should consider garage storage an investment in your home for the future, for the simple reasons that it makes your home look better, minimizes the amount of waste you create and helps you to sell your home when the time comes. Fortunately, there are garage storage options that will suit most price points. Discuss the amount of money you are willing to pay, and create a budget based on it.

Step 4: Consult a Professional Designer

There is a reason that hiring a professional designer to design and build your garage cabinets makes your garage look so much better. Designing your own storage as a DIY project is a mixed bag. It could go reasonably well, but you will be missing out on an expert’s knowledge and experience. No one wants to spend weeks trying to figure out the best storage for their garage, on top of having to purchase and install it by themselves. It is a hassle that is more than likely to result in frustration and repeated repairs.

By comparison, professional designers can talk to you about what you want to do with the garage, and simplify the process for you. They create a storage design, with garage shelving ideas and other options that are practical for the space, your needs and budget constraints. Designers can even take your feedback and ensure that your specifications are met. There is no need to guess about what kinds of storage will work for you, and you can rest assured that the end result will be beautifully crafted and efficiently installed.

It is easy to turn your garage into an ideal place for home improvement and organization. All you need is the right storage options, such as garage cabinets, to give you room for everything you want to do. Contact us today to discover what we can build for you.

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