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Closet Systems: 8 Ways to Touch Up Your Closet

February 07, 2017


If you want to organize your wardrobe, and you have an eye for aesthetically pleasing design, consider implementing a whole new closet system. You’ll be surprised by how much a well-organized wardrobe can streamline your morning routine. Try out these eight simple steps, and get ready to love getting dressed in your newly touched-up closet.

1. Clear It Out Before You Fill It Up

The first step to a beautifully organized closet is clearing everything out. This is the best way to assess everything that’s in your closet and ensure that your wardrobe fits your daily needs. Compare the clothing you have with the clothing you need. Look at every piece you have, and figure out what you use and what you don’t. If you haven’t worn that top in a few years, consider throwing it out. You may even find that you wear the same 10 signature pieces on a weekly basis. Your perfect closet should fit your needs, and separating your most utilized clothing from your special-occasion statement pieces will help you create a great closet organizer system.

2. Organization Tip: Add Hooks and Baskets

Now that you’ve cleared out your closet, it’s time to consider a few additions to make organizing even easier. One way to do this is by adding hooks and baskets. Hooks are an inexpensive solution that are great for hanging various clothing items and opening up space. Use them for scarves, neckties or even jackets. You can use baskets to organize your items by group and to avoid having any loose items in your closet.

3. Use the Same Style Hangers Throughout Your Closet

closetracks.jpgFor a more uniform look, think about using the same style of hanger in your entire closet. This is a great way to put visual emphasis on the clothing itself, and it gives your closet a more consistent appearance. Well-designed closet systems usually utilize the same style of hanger throughout, and there’s a reason for this. It’s a great way to keep your closet looking organized while making sure that everything also looks nice.

4. Color Coordinate Your Closet

Remember when you were a student and used post-it notes to keep your class notes in order? Well, why not do the same thing for your clothing and color coordinate your closet. This is one of the best closet organizer ideas, and it’s a great way to arrange your clothing. Separating clothing by color makes everything easier to find, so you can locate the piece you’ve been looking for without wasting any precious time. Whether you choose to organize clothing from lights to darks or from cool to warm colors, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find everything.

5. Add the Right Lighting

When you’re customizing your closet, take the time to add the right lighting. A good mix of overhead lighting makes it easy to find specific items of clothing. Using recessed overhead closet lighting is smart if you’re dealing with low ceilings. Another great closet design idea is using accent lights to highlight shoe cases or vanities. This ensures you always find and utilize everything in your custom closet.

6. Include Pops of Color

Adding pops of color can go a long way toward personalizing your custom closet design and can also be used to separate various sections of your closet. Use your favorite color or something that matches your furnishings. The sky’s the limit with this haute tip. You can also use different colors to separate clothing by season or to separate work pieces from exercise gear or clothing for special occasions. Think about adding a colorful rug or using stylish new wallpaper, and soon your closet will look like your own personal Shangri-La.

7. Hang Mirrors in Your Closet

Even if your closet is small, you can still implement a few great closet organizer ideas, like hanging a mirror on the outside of your closet door. This saves time when you’re getting ready because you can easily see what each piece of clothing looks like and switch up your outfit if need be. If you have more space or a walk-in closet, think about putting a mirror on your wall or even adding an in-closet vanity. This can make your closet a veritable one-stop shop for getting ready, and can help you prepare for each day or special evening occasion.

8. Utilize Pull-Out Cabinets in Your Closet System

closetorganization.jpgThe last and possibly most crucial tip to touching up your closet is implementing a closet shelf system. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding pull-out shelves to your closet. Pull-out cabinets aren’t only meant for your kitchen. They can be great for any clothes you choose not to hang and are especially useful in deep closets. Use pull-out shelves and cabinets to create storage space that’s easily accessible, so you’re not rummaging around your closet to find a specific piece of clothing. If you implement enough custom closet shelving, you might not need to maintain a separate wardrobe or drawers, making this a great way to streamline the design of your entire bedroom.

Jazz up your closet design with these unique touches and organizational ideas. Contact us today if you're thinking about designing a custom closet for your home.

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